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After one of the hardest years we've all had the Morrison Government have proposed sweeping changes to industrial relations laws that will strip your rights, stop wage growth, and allow cuts to your conditions.

The AMWU is working with other unions to fight this legislation. We're making a submission to the Senate inquiry into these laws and will be giving evidence in early February to make sure your voices are heard.

We need your help. We want to tell your stories or talk about situations you've been facing at work that highlight the flaws in this legislation.

They plan to make insecure work worse, attack our agreements, silence workers' voices, undermine wage theft protections and attack our overtime pay.

We want to hear from you!


Casual workers

Are you a casual worker, but you're working permanent hours? We want to hear from you! What is your situation? How many hours are you working a week? Have you asked to become permanent? If so, what happened?
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