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28 March 2024 –

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) has welcomed a major billion-dollar investment in Australia’s solar energy manufacturing supply chain. The $1 billion Solar Sunshot investment in Australia’s solar energy manufacturing sector will run parallel with the NSW Government’s $275 million Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative.


AMWU National Secretary Steve Murphy said the announcement was a significant achievement and a major step forward in the journey toward Australia’s renewable energy future.

“The AMWU welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that it will invest $1 billion in building Australia’s solar energy manufacturing supply chain.

“On behalf of our members and all Australians, our Union has consistently advocated for investment in our renewable energy manufacturing sector through commitments such as these and we are pleased to see this come to fruition.

“This investment through the Solar Sunshot program will help create tens of thousands of secure, high-quality, and highly skilled jobs in regional areas and generate billions more in investment and economic growth.

“The renewable energy products made here will also assist Australian families to reduce their energy bills and help our nation fulfil its commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

“In the race for jobs in the world’s booming renewable energy manufacturing sector, Australia has finally fired the starting gun.”

Mr Murphy also praised the Federal and NSW governments' collaboration in creating a sustainable local solar energy manufacturing sector in NSW.

“Additionally, the AMWU welcomes the NSW Government’s $275 million Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative, which will see government procurement leveraged to support local manufacturers of renewable energy products through offtake agreements.

“Finally, the blame game between State and Federal Government is over, and both parties have been convinced that investing in our renewable energy sector makes good economic, employment and environmental sense.

“With Federal and NSW Government support, we can expect to see thousands of secure, good quality and highly skilled jobs delivered in places like the Hunter Valley, which has a long history of meeting Australia’s energy needs.

“We look forward to working with the Federal and NSW Government to ensure that these commitments deliver the economic and employment benefits our nation needs.”

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