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17 August 2023 – The Australian Manufacturing WorkersUnion (AMWU) celebrates Labor’s commitment to one of the most significant commitments to industrial transformation in generations.

Today, in amendments to its National Platform, Labor’s 49th National Conference committed the Party to transitioning the nation to renewable energy and unlocking the opportunities of the net zero economy.

AMWU National Secretary Steve Murphy said that amendments to Labor’s National Platform would deliver thousands of good, secure, and high-quality jobs for AMWU members, lock in ongoing economic prosperity and, critically, ensure Australia is meeting its commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

“Today, Labor has committed to the most significant industrial transformation in generations, creating thousands of good, secure, high-quality jobs for Australians and delivering ongoing economic prosperity in an environmentally sustainable manner.

“The AWMU is proud that its consistent and ongoing advocacy efforts, across many governments over many years, have finally resulted in such a positive outcome for workers, our environment and our economy.

“Labor’s National Platform now sets out a clear path to develop a green manufacturing sector, continue Australia’s transition to renewable energy, and take advantage of the opportunities of the net zero economy.

“These amendments will promote the development of our green steel and green aluminium sectors and will be instrumental in creating a green manufacturing sector that is sustainable and that creates thousands of long-term, high-quality and secure jobs for our members and communities right across Australia.

Mr Murphy also welcomed Labor’s commitment to transitioning the nation to renewable energy.

“We celebrate Labor’s significant commitment to transitioning Australia to clean and renewable energy.

“This transition to renewable energy is crucial in ensuring Australia meets its net zero emissions target by 2050.

“Importantly, it will also deliver cheaper energy to Australian households, who are already hard- pressed to make ends meet amid cost-of-living pressures.

“Energy transition should leave no Australian household behind, maximise household savings, deliver good local jobs and create opportunities for First Nations people.

“Every major OECD economy from the U.S, Canada, Japan and across Europe has invested heavily in transitioning to clean, renewable energy to reduce their emissions, and it's time that Australia once again took its rightful place as a responsible global citizen by taking real and effective action on climate change.

“Given that Australia is among the world’s nations most exposed to the impacts of climate change, including bushfires and flooding, these commitments are critical in maintaining the sustainability of our environment, our economy and the welfare of our community.

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