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Collaboration Delivers Wellbeing in Manufacturing Project

The Collaboration Delivers Wellbeing in Manufacturing Project is a joint initiative between the AMWU and several participating manufacturing employers in Victoria. The project aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of workers and prevent mental illness and the incidence of mental injury in Victorian manufacturing workplaces.

With funding provided by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, the project aims to create thriving mentally healthy workplaces by changing workplace cultures and practices that contribute to mental ill-health.

High job demands and low autonomy, poor support or negative workplace relationships, lack of meaningful consultation regarding organisational changes, inconsistent application of policies and procedures, poor environmental conditions, or witnessing violent or traumatic events can all contribute to a decline in worker mental health and wellbeing.

To address these workplace factors, the AMWU is partnering with several Victorian workplaces in urban and rural locations across the metals, food, printing and vehicle industries.

Through a joint collaborative process involving Health and Safety Representatives, AMWU Delegates, workers and employers, the project seeks to:

  • Raise mental health literacy in the workplace and promote a positive workplace culture that supports mental health and wellbeing.
  • Identify and mitigate work-related risk factors that contribute to psychological ill health and mental injury.
  • Play an active role in helping to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of workers to promote psychological health and safety.
  • Support workers with mental health conditions and those returning to work that have sustained a physical or psychological injury.
  • Reduce the stigma around mental health issues and uphold a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination in the workplace.

The AMWU seeks to work with employers toward these objectives as the foundation for lasting cooperation and consultation and on other matters of shared importance and concern.

Organisational Partners

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Contact Information

For more information about the project contact:

James Cowan, Mental Health and Wellbeing Project Officer

Phone: 0418 637 769 or email: [email protected]

Do you need mental Health Support Now?

Call 000 if you are in an emergency or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others.

AMWU Care provides free, independent and confidential counselling for members and their families 24 hours, 7 days a week. No problem is too big or small; they will listen and support you.

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