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Women in Manufacturing

Empowering Women in Manufacturing: A Collaborative Initiative by AMWU Victoria and the Victorian Government

Our mission is to address the significant underrepresentation of women in manufacturing trades, fostering a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Currently, women are notably underrepresented in key manufacturing trades such as automotive mechanics, electricians, mechanical engineers, panel beaters, and vehicle bodybuilders. The percentages range from a mere 1% to 3.5%. Recognizing the need for change, the AMWU is committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Benefits of Inclusion:
Research consistently demonstrates the numerous benefits of having more women in the manufacturing sector. Increased productivity levels, higher job satisfaction, enhanced employee retention, and improved team dynamics are just a few of the positive outcomes associated with a diverse workforce.

Our Vision:
At the heart of our initiative is the belief that everyone deserves equal opportunities, irrespective of gender. The AMWU envisions a future where women play a significant role in manufacturing trades, contributing their skills and expertise to shape the industry's success.

Collaborative Approach:
The AMWU has joined forces with the Victorian State Government to bring about meaningful change. Together, we aim to actively promote and support the inclusion of more women in manufacturing trades, creating a more balanced and vibrant industry.

Project Highlights:
- Targeting key manufacturing trades with low female representation.
- Implementing initiatives to attract and retain women in the industry.
- Providing support, mentorship, and resources to women pursuing careers in manufacturing.

We invite industry stakeholders, employers, educators, and aspiring female professionals to join us in this transformative journey. Together, we can break down barriers, create opportunities, and build a more inclusive future for women in manufacturing.

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