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2021 Women's Forum

Two years ago someone commented that the AMWU’s Women’s Forum was the largest collection of successful women in Tasmania at one event. Now it has doubled in size and over 50 career paths and employment opportunities are on show. From National Security to Fish Farm Food manufacturing, this year’s AMWU’s Women’s Forum has got it all.

It appears that the glass ceilings don’t exist and the hurdles have fallen!

There are very few ways to build bridges to young women entering the work- force and distance, time and effort are not barriers to seeing and experiencing the range of jobs available to young women on the north west coast.

  1. Promoting young women to achieve to higher levels.
    Statistics even though improving, are not conducive to young women reach-
    ing their potential, by attaining qualifications from grade 11-12 and University. Society shapes us from the time we get a pink or blue blanket at Birth. Many young women now never consider male dominated industries, for a number of reasons. This is changing, and we believe this function is the pinnacle event in changing hearts and minds for young Tasmanian Women.

  2. Enhanced prospects to employer.
    Promoting Higher Education to young women improves the quality and diversity
    of employee selection to employers and increases the workplace skills brought about by women.

  3. Value adding.
    Employers value add to their Business with the range of skills and diversity that women bring to the workplace.
    When it comes to accomplishing goals or building a solid workplace relation-
    ship, the feminine touch and skills like Empathy, intuition and optimism of wom- en work towards the benefit of the Company. Women in the workplace have a high impact and some of them are –
    • Boost Productivity levels

    • Talented individuals can expand their network

    • Constructive communication

    • Attract younger workers

    • Multidimensional

    • Team Building

There is nothing more important than helping young women know they have career options. Society has a lot of catching up to do to see Women on level status in the workplace. It might not appear to be so extreme, but it is. Young women need to know there are no limits and we have this as our ongoing message.


AMWU TAS 2021 Women's Forum program:

Ticketed event:

  • Women’s Forum/Forum  Wednesday 10th – pay to attend lunch event with a panel of special guests for the general public. $40/ticket
    Click here to book your ticket for the Women's Forum

    Non-ticketed events:

  • Try a Trade / Vocation/Profession Thursday 11th Friday 12th for year 10/11/12 young women – 30 different sites ranging from Ambulance to Butchers – Fitters to Engineers, - Builders to spray painting – Vets to Law – Fire fighting etc.
  • Friday night 12th -dinner with 35 special table hosts for schools and general public women. Guests from Her Excellency Governor Kate Warner -Police Commanders – Business owners – Astro Physicists – trade Apprentices.
  • Thursday /Friday – Master Class cooking programs with 4-5 Executive Chefs (female) for years 11/12 young women.
  • Thursday/Friday – young men’s program – “what it means to be a young man today” run by White Ribbon.


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