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Stop the Ovato attacks!

BREAKING UPDATE 9th October - Click Here to Read the Latest Now

When COVID-19 hit, workers at Ovato bent over backwards to help the company get through it. 

Ovato have thanked them by turning around and terminating the Enterprise Agreement that covers over 850 workers at sites across the country. Send an email to Ovato CEO Michael Hannan to tell him stop shredding workers' conditions!

This termination means that workers are facing cuts to conditions that have been fought for and won by generations of unionists. 

You can read our statement on this disgraceful act here, and check out some of the coverage in The Australian here and the SMH/Age here.

The AMWU and our members will be standing with workers at Ovato and supporting them in their fight against this outrageous attack.

You can show your support for Ovato workers by sharing this Facebook post.


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