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Secure Jobs, Strong Communities

Local families and Queensland communities have always relied on permanent employment in the mining industry. Our region is proud of our many thriving communities and local businesses who have been supported on the back of mining.

But times are changing. Many of our once vibrant communities are becoming ghost towns. Big business is trying to make a quick buck by cutting secure jobs for locals. As a result, schools have less teachers, small businesses are shutting and locals are moving away.

We want our kids to have the same opportunities as we did. We want them to grow up in flourishing communities. The only thing that will secure our communities’ future is local, secure jobs.

With the uncertainty of insecure jobs, which continue to be harmful to the livelihoods of many people and the stability of our communities, we the undersigned call upon elected members and governments to mandate protections for a stable and ongoing consistency for the workforce and a return to job security.

Who's signing

Jerad Keim
Mark Johnstone
Leonard Ryan
Brendan Muller
James Allan
Michael Phelan
Wayne Osborne
Tim Fuller
Geoff Lowry
Jonathon Warrell
Reece Wetherall
Chris Harper
Sophie Jellicoe
Darryl Piper
Dwayne Muller

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