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Fighting for Fairness

In the next round of bargaining, AMWU delegates are fighting for fairness. Collective bargaining is the best way for us to improve wages and conditions so we’re supporting our delegates with the information they need to fight for crucial changes. 

For too long, the balance has been tipped in favour of employers at the expense of workers’ wages, security and wellbeing. In 2019, we’re focusing on:

A wage increase of 4%. Real wages are not increasing, in fact, they’re going backwards. At the same time, CEO pay is skyrocketing and business profits are growing. Workers deserve a pay rise. 

More secure jobs. After thirty years of trickle-down economics, too many people in Australia have no job security and the issue is only increasing; most of the jobs created in the last five years were part-time. Working should make you secure, not leave you vulnerable. 

Better rights for our delegates. Delegates volunteer their time to fight on behalf of members in their workplace and need proper support to do that role. The stronger our delegates, the better our workplaces. 

More directly-employed apprentices and better training. The future of our industry relies on a skilled workforce that can deliver the advanced manufacturing needs of the future yet there are 140,000 fewer apprentices and trainees since 2013. 

10 days paid Domestic Violence Leave. 1 in 6 women and 1 in 20 men will experience domestic violence, most of whom are workers. It’s expensive and time consuming to leave an abusive relationship, paid domestic violence leave makes that easier. No one should lose their job for being a survivor. 

We’ve created a handy fact sheet for these claims which you can download for your state or territory as well as a posters to be displayed in your workplace. 


Download the fact sheet for your state or territory below.

Queensland and Northern Territory

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory



South Australia

Western Australia


Download the poster for your workplace.

If you have any questions, or require anything further, please contact Help Desk on 1300 732 698.

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