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A Fair Share for Australian Manufacturing

A Fair Share for Australian Manufacturing

We need A Fair Share for Australian Manufacturing. This means that we manufacture at home, at least as much as we use. And that we export as much as we import from abroad. 

Right now, Australia comes in at the bottom of the OECD for manufacturing self-sufficiency.

With the right policies, we can create A Fair Share for manufacturing, which would create 400,000 new direct manufacturing jobs. And a further 265,000 new jobs throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Plus add billions of dollars in additional tax revenue.

The AMWU commissioned a report by the Centre for Future work that outlines the steps we need to take to create A Fair Share for Australian manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a growing industry globally, and demand for manufactured goods is increasing here in Australia. With the impact of COVID-19 still being felt, this is the moment to launch a comprehensive effort to rebuild Australian manufacturing.

Read the report summary.

Read the full report.

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