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Tell Baird to Build the Trains Here

Mike Baird is about to send a $2.3 billion train building contract to Korea.

That means 512 train carriages will be built offshore, robbing Australian workers of jobs.

Sign the petition to tell Mr Baird to build the trains here, and invest in local manufacturing jobs. 

Who's signing

Joshua Mesilane
carol keily
Anthony De Ryck
Stephen Hicks
Peter Lamb
Laurence alderton
Bryce Weiley
George Robertson
nigel blatchford
Bern Wilson
Bob Garritty
Barry Kennedy
Alfredo Bonanno
Julieta Janzen
Ken Scott
Ivan Cofrancesco
Kevin Taylor
Leigh Bryant
Liam Casey
David Parry
Cameron Boyall
Barry Link
Kerrie Sevenoaks
Jacqui Dimitriadis
Tanya McLean
Glenn Pollock
Nathan Dadge
Will Millar
Matthew Calderisi
Adrian Millo

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