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To the members of the Australian Parliament,


We write to you regarding the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

As working Australian’s in the construction, manufacturing and building industries we have deep concerns about the ongoing existence of the ABCC.


  • Treats us differently just because we work in the construction industry

  • Unfairly targets, intimidates and harasses us with separate laws that don’t apply to any other industry

  • Subjects us to coercive powers including secret interrogations

  • Has spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars without finding any significant evidence of wrongdoing

As working Australians with families, we want good jobs for Australian workers, a great education system, world class health care and fair laws for all working people. The ABCC is an unnecessary, money wasting, unfair body that the majority of Australians do not support.

We implore you vote against the continued existence of the ABCC in the Parliament.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

Moe Kalem
Therese Nguyen
John Beenham
Ian Robertson
Peter O'Reilly
Victor Potticary
Greg Paterson
Steven Mckenzie
Jill Rene
Benjamin Hawkins
daniel taylor
Jessame Tibbitts
Mark Gregory
Rodney Porter
Gerry Constantinou
Hilda Arbuckle
brian beer

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