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Anna Stewart Memorial Project

Anna Stewart Memorial Project

An On-The-Job Training Project for Women Unionists

8 - 20 May 2017

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is a structured, two week long internship program consisting of two days each week at Trades Hall, with the remaining days in a trade union.

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project was established as an annual work experience program aimed at increasing womens ’ active union involvement and to increase the union movement’ s understanding of and advocacy for women members.

Who was Anna Stewart?

Anna Stewart was a long time campaigner for women ’ s rights and prominent union official, and successfully spear-headed the first blue collar union campaign for maternity leave award provisions.

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project has highlighted the way forward for women who are motivated to support other women and continue to nurture voice, opportunity and change.

The AMWU encourages any women members to nominate for this fantastic program for women unionists.

If you are interested in participating please contact your organiser or

Nominations close April 6th 2017


Download the Anna Stewart project information flyer here, or you can visit: 

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