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Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work

Manufacturing workers are at a greater risk of industrial disease, accidents and impairment than almost every other category of worker. That’s why we encourage all workplaces to elect Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs).

The role of HSRs is to represent the health and safety interests of workers. To assist HSRs in representing workers employers are required to consult with HSRs. Check out the Health and Safety Law section to find out more. 

Ask your AMWU delegate or HSR to display these flyers on your union noticeboard -  the flyers were in the December 2015 & February 2016 editions of Its No Accident Newsletter

Asbestos - Not here Not Anywhere : in some countries asbestos is still manufactured and used. Join the APHEDA campaign to support our neighbours in Indonesia -- watch this video, co-produced by LION, APHEDAs partner in Indonesia. 

If you wish to register your exposure to asbestos - at home or at work - you can register with the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency

The UK Trade Union Congress has produced a guide on Health & Safety and Organising. Check it out. Please note: in the UK HSRs don't have the right to issue PINs, so unions have devised a union version called "UIN".

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