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Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work

As many parts of Australia swelter through hot weather, please don't be a hero by putting your health at risk.

Spending time in hospital on intravenous fluids [or worse] for heat exhaustion does happen, more often than we think. 

So if you are working in HOT WEATHER your employer needs to take action to protect you. There are no health and safety regulations about working in heat - but employers do have a duty of care to protect workers against the harmful effects of working in heat -- lack of concentration, fatigue, more accidents and heat related illness.

Heat stroke affects the young and healthy as well as older or non acclimatized workers. 

See an AMWU poster and more detailed advice  for working on hot days: Note:  these are guides to good temperatures when performing work - the temperatures can be adjusted for people who are acclimatized to working in heat. But the principles are the same, rest breaks in cool areas and keep hydrated -  our bodies need to be kept cool -  overheating causes serious illness and can be fatal. 


Knowing what to do when you are injured at work can be confusing -- so here are our 10 GOLDEN RULES [see inside pages] - and here they are in Mandarin. 


100% Preventable but 100% Irreversible:  Did you know that nearly one in five workers will suffer hearing loss over the course of their working life -- join the AMWU campaign to lower the noise levels in our workplaces. 


If you wish to register your exposure to asbestos - at home or at work - you can register with the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency

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