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Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work

A mobile phone app called ACM Check (short for “Asbestos-Containing Material Check”) has been developed by researchers at Curtin University in WA. The app  aims to raise awareness about asbestos in residential settings. ACM Check  is available for free from the App Store [click here] and Google Play [click here]. Check it out - and share it. 

Welding fumes cause lung cancer -  The International Agency for Research on Cancer has found new evidence to conclude that welding fumes cause lung cancer and melanoma of the eye. Welding fumes are a possible cause of kidney cancer but the evidence to support this finding is not as strong. It is essential that welders and others use good extraction ventilation to decrease exposures. See here for more information on the hazards of welding. 

In an absolutely amazing win, 4 NSW HSRs have had their right to choose a HSR training provider upheld. See the detail on our HSR training page. Click here. 

Knowing what to do when you are injured at work can be confusing -- so here is our advice - and in Mandarin. 

100% Preventable but 100% Irreversible:  Did you know that nearly one in five workers will suffer hearing loss over the course of their working life -- join the AMWU campaign to lower the noise levels in our workplaces. 


If you wish to register your exposure to asbestos - at home or at work - you can register with the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency

If you are an AMWU HSR sign up to our FaceBook page -- AMWU Health and Safety Reps. 


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