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AMWU Care Line

The AMWU proudly partners with On The Line to provide a 24/7 telephone counselling, supported referrals and information services to union members and their families.


Since its inception, the service has supported hundreds of men and women struggling with a range of issues relating to health and wellbeing.

You can contact AMWU Care about work-related concerns, including industrial, financial and legal matters, and also about relationship and family problems, financial issues, depression, suicide ideation and substance abuse

If you need someone to talk to - the AMWU Care Line is there for you. 

Free for members. 24 hours. 7 days a week. 100% anonymous if you'd prefer. 


Accessing the Service

There are three ways you can access this confidential service.

1 - By Telephone: 1800 206 316

2 - Online Counselling

3 - Video Counselling

Just click on the links if you want to use the online or video services. 



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