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Raise the minimum wage

The biggest pay cut ever

Are you being paid your super?

As many as one in three Australians aren't being paid enough super by th...

Build them here

Tell the NSW Government to build our trains, buses, and ferries in NSW. 

Asbestos free future

Get involved to ban all types of asbestos around the world. 

Health and safety at work

The Fair Work Commission, in handing down its decision on casuals right ...

Save Australian Shipbuilding

Save Australia's Shipbuilding Industry! 

Respect for Auto Techs

From talking to lots of regular auto techs around Australia, we know tha...

Maintain Our Forces

Casuals Deserve Better

The AMWU fights for the rights of casual and labour hire workers. We pro...

Keep Me Posted

White Ribbon Day

FIFO Worker Fight-Back

Office Employees

The AMWU has a long history of representing office employees. We represe...

Send a message of Support to Coates Hire Workers!

Say Thank You to Ford Workers

Australians have owned and driven locally made Fords for more than 90 ye...

Back Aussie Books

Back Aussie Books – and support Australian printing and publishing jobs. 

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