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Buy a Billboard

Buy a Billboard

Next month the Federal Government is set to decide on how many submarines it will commission to be built, and where they are going to be constructed.

Before the last election, the Liberals promised to build 12 submarines locally, using Australian labour. 

Now, it looks like next month they're going to break that promise.

We can't let that happen. We have to work together to secure the future of Aussie shipbuilders.

We want to buy a giant billboard in the heart of Adelaide to send a message to the government, and to get the word out to people that thousands of Australian jobs are on the line.

Can you spread the word on Facebook to help us win this?

All we're asking for is an all-Aussie submarine build, and for the government to prioritise the job security of shipbuilders.

We want to raise $5655 to put up this billboard, and to do get there, we need our online supporters to donate.

Click here to share our post to get the word out and ask people to donate.

This campaign is too important to lose. But if we work together, we can win!




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