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Vote to Support Aussie Made

Vote to Support Aussie Made

Aussie Made, Jobs Saved.

We have the opportunity to rebuild our manufacturing industry, but we need a government that backs us - which means we need to change the government.

When you vote to support Aussie made, you're voting to create secure local jobs and help build innovative, future-proof local industries.

A renewed manufacturing sector would see us reclaim our place as an innovative, forward-thinking country where anyone who wants a good job can have one.

Where do the parties stand?

Labor is committed to:


• Buy Australian Plan which ensures government projects prioritise local industry and content instead of sending jobs offshore.

National Reconstruction Fund worth $15.2 billion to reinvest in Australian manufacturing, partnering with businesses that support good, secure jobs.

A National Rail Manufacturing Plan that ensures federal money spent on rail projects goes towards building them here. 

Rewiring the Nation program to rebuild and modernise our energy grid.

Skills and Training

Over 400,000 free TAFE places.

$50 million investment in modernising TAFE.

• Any government-funded project will require that 1 in 10 jobs are for apprentices or trainees.

Our Rights at Work

Secure jobs plan which will make same job, same pay law to end labour hire exploitation.

• Abolish the anti-worker ABCC.

• Will make wage theft a crime across the country.

What do you get under Scott Morrison?


• Australia has lost 85,000 manufacturing jobs under the Liberals.

$1.3 billion modern manufacturing initiative given to businesses who are able to match the government investment for scaling up.

Modernisation Fund aimed at businesses investing in new technologies and upskilling.

• Most of this funding has already been announced, but hardly any of it spent.

Skills and Training

There are 140,000 fewer apprentices now than when this government came to power - with $3 billion cut from vocational education.

• Subsidising the wages of 100,000 apprentices - money paid directly to the business.

Our Rights at Work

Voted against making wage theft a crime, and attacked penalty rates, the right to bargain, and the ability of workers to convert to secure work.

• Scott Morrison promised to bring back failed legislation that would what make it legal for workplace agreements to leave workers worse off than before.

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