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VIP Packaging

Production workers at VIP Packaging in Truganina chose to take indefinite around the clock industrial action, to get their EBA negotiations back on track. It worked.

After over a month of nonstop action, production workers at VIP have reached an agreement that hits all the right notes.


Highlights include:

Annual 3.5% wage increase over the four years, six days paid delegate leave per annum, shutdown period over June school holidays, classification review, casuals clauses, paid quarterly union meetings.


The full agreement is as follows:


  • One week Annual leave shut down for Christmas period 2019
  • Stat dec for any single day absences, two single-day absences without a certificate
  • Union delegate training six days per annum per delegate
  • Paid quarterly union meetings (30 minutes)
  • Personal leave  - 10 days at ordinary hours of work
  • Casuals clauses repreference on overtime and shutdown etc Hours of work to be added to the EBA
  • Accident make up pay with 52 weeks cap based on PIAWE
  • Classification review to be completed by 31 March 2020 with any reclassifications to be paid from 28 days post request
  • 50% shift loading for employees working extended afternoon shift for hours worked post-midnight




Any updates to this dispute will be posted on our Facebook page.

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