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Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disaster'

Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disaster'

The Turnbull government has announced changes that could introduce harmful chemicals into your workplace.

Under proposed legislation 99% of new chemicals will NOT be officially assessed by the independent regulator with companies now overseeing the assessment process.

This means that potentially dangerous chemicals will be introduced into your workplace that have NOT been approved by the independent government regulator. There would also be no mechanism to report the use and quantity of chemicals used if a chemical turned out to be toxic.

We need your help to fight these changes and make sure that you are not exposed to toxic chemicals. Sign our petition below and don't let the Liberal’s get away with making your workplace more dangerous


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Dragan Bakrdanikoski
Duncan Andrews
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Tom Rookes
Quintino Italiano
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Demetrios Kyriacou
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Minh Vu Hoang
Leslie Kidd
Raja Dhanapala
Leigh Gamble
Catherine Butcher
William Aukett
Karl Jahn
Gregory Belz
Daniel Burleigh
Geoffrey Bognar
Mark Pearce
nick bott
Andrew Chetcuti
Peter Fehlandt
Chris Lovering
Michael Kerrigan
Locke Salter
Ian Bond
Colin Hesse
Peter Smart

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Sign the petition: Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disaster'

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