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Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disaster'

Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disaster'

The Turnbull government has announced changes that could introduce harmful chemicals into your workplace.

Under proposed legislation 99% of new chemicals will NOT be officially assessed by the independent regulator with companies now overseeing the assessment process.

This means that potentially dangerous chemicals will be introduced into your workplace that have NOT been approved by the independent government regulator. There would also be no mechanism to report the use and quantity of chemicals used if a chemical turned out to be toxic.

We need your help to fight these changes and make sure that you are not exposed to toxic chemicals. Sign our petition below and don't let the Liberal’s get away with making your workplace more dangerous


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Hayri Cinar
Phill Walters
Edmundo Espinosa
John Williams
Eddie Thomas
Kerrin Shelford
Miodrag Francuski
Ross Saverin
Robert Lean
David Butterworth
Shaun Rose
Andrew Peach
Sherif Mobayad
Richard Andrews
Chris Druery
Leigh Gorman
Christopher Geiger
Alexander Moloney
Oliver Richards
Dennis Van Gameren
Mark Stubbs
Robyn Fortescue
Richard Stone
David Ling
Richard Williams
Peter Grills
Selamat Ayat
Shane Wright

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Sign the petition: Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disaster'
Sign the petition: Stop the Liberal's 'Toxic Disasters'

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