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Sign our petition

Sign our petition

We need a manufacturing-led recovery, we’re putting the Morrison Government on notice.

For too long Scott Morrison and his mates have ignored manufacturing workers.

We need to act now to ensure working people know they can put food on the table by calling on the Morrison Government to back Australian manufacturing jobs and local content.

Aussie made keeps Australia strong.

Sign the petition today to call on the Morrison Government to step up to prioritise Australian manufacturing jobs and commit to buying Aussie made.

Why is this important?

Manufacturing in Australia matters, and it always has, but with decades of government neglect thousands of highly skilled, secure, safe, and fair paid manufacturing jobs have been lost.

It’s manufacturing workers who’ve kept food on our tables and made sure we had PPE during a pandemic.

Now they’re being ignored as we head into national economic recovery. Manufacturing thrives when governments invest in it. Australia could be a world leader in manufacturing.

We need politicians to step up.

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