100th International Women's Day celebrates women at work

Workers from Volvo celebrate International Women`s Day

The AMWU has marked International Women’s Day this year, by celebrating the role of women in the workplace across the country.

Member of the AMWU Queensland women’s committee, Ann-Marie Allan, said the union visited factories in Brisbane to engage with women and the issues affecting them at work.

“We’ve invited women to discuss any workplace issues, whether the issue only affects women or is broader.

“Our union has achieved a lot in its campaigns for workplace equality but there is still more to be done. We want to encourage them to join our union to become active and consider how the AMWU can make conditions better for women.”   

She said information packs, stickers and posters promoting the women’s committee and workplace equality were distributed at the meetings as well as redesigned Rosie the Riveter t-shirts featuring AMWU logos.

AMWU National Secretary Dave Oliver said the Queensland Women’s Committee was doing a great job strengthening women activism inside and outside of the union.

“It’s terrific to see these kinds of initiatives.  They’ve created an inclusive environment for members and staff to become active. This is another excellent example of their action.   

“Women are continuing to play a fundamental role in the AMWU, from the shop floor, to the organising units to the national executive. We will continue to grow our female membership and ensure they are encouraged to participate at every level.”

According to Ms Allan, the role of women within the union has improved greatly over the years.

“We’ve come a long way in the last few decades, from a union which had no women in elected positions and no paid maternity leave. I’ve seen a huge cultural shift, I can attribute that to good leadership within the union who have encouraged the recruitment of women and their activism.

“I’m proud to say we’ve carved out a better future for all women, We can’t say our work is finished, we still need to drive membership and increase our representation at the higher levels. But at least we know we have the support of the union as a whole.” 



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