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Raise the minimum wage

Raise the minimum wage

The ACTU has made a submission to the Fair Work Commission for a substantial pay increase of $50 per week for people on the minimum wage. 

With income inequality increasing, wage growth at record low levels, and our penalty rates under attack, now is the time to raise the minimum wage.

A $50 per week raise would represent a 7.2 percent increase to the pay of Australians earning minimum wage, putting someone who works full-time on $744.90 a week.

Directly and through awards, the Fair Work Commission’s decision will affect around 2.3 million working people nationwide.

Sign the petition to show your support for raising the minimum wage.

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Kevin Williams
Christine Manley
Paul Chamberlain
Rodney Young
Gary Pond
Peter Cooke
Cory Wright
Miodrag Francuski
Christoper Bucik
Matt Casey
Paul Le
Jade Steiner

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