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Faithworkers Need Unions Too

Father Chris Bedding has been suspended from ministry pending the outcome of an opaque and confusing process. The AMWU believes that all workers have a right to representation and fair process in dealing with their employers, and that faithworkers should be no different. You can sign up below to follow Chris's case below.

Faith based workers are consistently advocating for the welfare and wellbeing of others however they may not be able to advocate for their own wellbeing and rights. Here in Chris's case, there’s been no respect for process, no respect for the community and no respect for Chris.

We think all people deserve respect at work. If you'd like to join with us and stand in solidarity with Chris, sign up below and we'll keep you up to date with the campaign. 

Who's joining

Kt Warren
Grahame Bowland
Steve Warren
Ian Lisser
Wes Schulte
Sandy Kilpatrick
Paul Kaplan
Paul Kaplan
Susan Hanna
Jessica Morthorpe


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