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Support the Esso Workers

Support the Esso Workers

It's CUB all over again.

200 workers at Esso in Gippsland have been sacked and offered their jobs back with a 30% pay cut. 

They're now fighting for their jobs and their dignity on a picket line. 

Click here to donate to the strike fund and support the Esso workers and their families as they fight corporate greed. 

What can you do to support?

We will win this campaign and teach the multinational a lesson when the company is forced to take back these workers on fair pay and fair conditions.

Here’s what you can do to help: 

1. Get on board the Solidarity Bus Trip to visit the Longford picket line

Thursday 16th November. Click here to signup!


2. Attend the Melbourne Rally

12noon Wednesday 22nd October @ Victorian Trades Hall (corner Lygon St & Victoria St, Carlton)

3. Donate to support the workers community protest 

What's at stake?

The workers are raising money so they can continue to pay the bills and feed their families while they have stopped work. If they don't have the resources to stay afloat and fight back, more employers across the country will think they can get away with this too.

The rules are broken. Corporations are out of control. If they can do this to the Esso members, they can do it any worker. We must stand together and fight back. We must change the rules so the odds aren’t stacked against us.  

200 Gippsland families need your support.

These workers don't deserve a 30% pay cut & anti-family shift rosters. Please dig deep and help support their fight for a fair go!

Click here to donate!



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