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DTS dispute

AMWU members at Dairy Technical Services (DTS) have been taking protected action as part of their ongoing campaign for better wages, conditions and respect from their employer.

Employees have voted down proposed agreements three times, and have been taking a series of protected actions in their ongoing negotiations.

The workers at DTS are mostly degree qualified, but are earning in some cases only a few cents above the minimum award rate, while dealing with some of the most stressful and high pressure workplaces. Reviews online from employees regularly mention the poor treatment of staff from management, and the lack of respect they receive.

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Click here to see photos of the DTS actions.

Fun facts:

  • A bargaining rep has said in a negotiation meeting that it's not the company's fault that their workers spent 4+ years earning a degree (and subsequent HECS/HELP debt) only to end up working there doing wash up
  • Management called police on a protected stop work action claiming that there was a serious disruption that required police presence
  • At least twice, management has locked out their workers for taking protected action
  • Management has locked out selected union members for a week
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