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Graphic Design Committee

Graphic Design Committee

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Recently a small group of Graphic Design members of the AMWU connected with a view to encouraging better communication amongst members, and ultimately to increase membership so that voices are heard from every aspect of the production line - from creative concept to finished product. 

Our research has indicated that there are many Graphic Designers in workplaces who do not know that the Design, Print & Packaging division of the AMWU is the union for them. 

Right now, we need you to help us find the Graphic Designers in your workplace. They may work fulltime, casual, or freelance but all are eligible to join and enjoy the benefits of the AMWU.  We are listening to our existing members and potential members and have set up a Graphic Design Committee to oversee the establishment of a proposed Creative Hub.

How will the Creative Hub work?

The GDC Creative Hub will be a digital platform with up-to-date information that is useful and
relevant for those of us working in the commercial creative space. The focus will be on grassroots issues that impact our careers and ultimately how we live our life.

Over the next 12 months the Graphic Design Committee along with AMWU representatives, will meet regularly via Zoom to plan and action all the steps needed to set up the platform.

Joining the Committee has great benefits and potential for 
new ideas that we hope to explore. You can read about our benefits and plans here.


The Union & Super Fund designed for Creative Communicators

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