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The AMWU is here for you

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, creating uncertainty for all of us, you can count on your union.

If you need to talk to someone, AMWU members and their families can access our free, 24/7 phone counselling service, AMWU Care, by calling 1800 206 316.

Our staff, officers, and officials are set up to work from home as required, and we will continue to provide workplace support and assistance for our members. Our priorities at this time are the same as always - your safety, and your job.

We know that this is a very worrying time. Many of our members have been stood down or have lost their jobs recently, and there is a sense that there is more to come. If your employment situation has changed, get in touch with your state branch, or call the Helpdesk on 1300 732 698 or email us at [email protected]

Alongside organisers and delegates, members are demanding better health and safety consultation, and better leave provisions to deal with COVID-19. And in companies around the country – at Hastings Deering, Thales, Komatsu, Aurizon, BAE, Raytheon, UGL Rail, Arnott’s, Campbell’s, Stramit, Boeing, Nestle, Newscorp, Bradken, Queensland Rail, and more - we are winning.

We know that union workplaces are better, safer workplaces. Talk with your workmates about what needs to happen in your workplace. If they're not in the union, sign them up. Union membership has never been more important.

The Government must step up

We are calling for all workplaces to provide two weeks of paid special leave to help workers through the Coronavirus crisis. You can sign the petition here.

This crisis has also shown us all the cracks in the economy that we have been warning of for years. The lack of government support for Australian manufacturing has left our country vulnerable. Long international supply chains mean we face shortages of critical equipment and products. Globalisation, offshoring and all the other buzz words of the neo-liberal experiment are coming home to roost now. We are campaigning for all levels of government to support Australian workers and Australian businesses and buy Australian made.

JobKeeper Payments

Following the campaign by unions and activists the Government announced a $130 billion wage subsidy. The $1,500 a fortnight payments are paid to businesses to subsidise the employees pay. 

For more information about the payments check out the ACTU's JobKeeper fact sheet.


The ACTU has a great website with heaps of information for union members, delegates, and HSRs. You can check it out here.

Confused about social distancing? Here is a graphic that we made that explains what it’s all about.

The AMWU is continuing to develop materials to support our delegates, HSRs, and members in this time. Further resources will be posted here.

Accessing your super early

This super projection calculator now includes an 'early access (COVID-19)' feature that will show you the potential reduction in retirement savings if you draw down your super in the 20-21 financial years.

If you are considering accessing your super, here are 3 things to think about before accessing your super early

Go to our Industry Super page for more information.

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