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Back Aussie Books

Back Aussie Books

Back Aussie Books – and support Australian printing and publishing jobs. 

Sign the petition to Back Aussie Books – and support Australian printing.

The Australian government is considering making significant changes to copyright, which will risk thousands of local printing jobs.

The Australian book industry employs over 20,000 people including writers, editors, publishers, printers and booksellers.

The Federal Government wants to make it easier flood the Australian market with cheap imported books. This will see a huge loss of jobs in the Australian print and packaging industry.

Our union knows that backing Australian printing means print workers can pay the mortgage and contribute to their overall standard of living.  

We also know that Australian books and stories are a crucial part of our society, and of our national identity.

Importantly, Australian writing and printing is also a great cultural and trade success story generating $2 billion in revenue for Australia every year.

Sign the petition to Back Aussie Books!

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Sign the petition: Back Aussie Books
Sign the petition: Back Aussie Books

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