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Victoria leads on local rail jobs and industry investment

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) this morning welcomed the Andrews Labor Government’s announcement of Victoria’s single largest order of trains to be built right here in Victoria, securing hundreds of jobs for local workers around the state.

The decision to build all 65 new trains in Victoria with 60 per cent local content and the creation of 1,100 highly skilled jobs was hailed by rail workers and the union as a great investment in the future of rail industry manufacturing and maintenance.


“This announcement not only provides security and certainty to hundreds of workers and their industry, it also commits to long-term jobs and training opportunities for a new generation of highly-skilled workers,” said AMWU State Secretary Steve Dargavel.


Mr Dargavel said the Andrews Government’s local train order proved a stark contrast with the previous Liberal Government’s record and the major train orders in other states that have been sent overseas.


“It is a massive improvement over the former Liberal government, which offshored rail jobs and left the industry on the brink of collapse due to its lack of support and investment,” said Mr Dargavel.


“Just last month we saw in NSW the Baird Government’s pathetic announcement which has sent hundreds of jobs overseas, at a time when Australian manufacturing workers need just the kind of support and investment that we’re seeing here in Victoria,” he said.


Today’s announcement comes after intense lobbying by AMWU rail workers to the Andrews Government for the local content commitment to surpass the fifty per cent minimum and secure hundreds of new jobs for Victorians.


“This is a massive win for workers around Victoria. In particular, the new apprentice and training places will provide the opportunity for Victoria’s young people to train for a career that is now viable into the future,” said Mr Dargavel.


“The AMWU and Victorian rail workers congratulate the Andrews Labor Government on their commitment to Victoria’s place as a world-class rail manufacturer and maintenance hub, which secures the future for rail workers in Victoria,” said Mr Dargavel.





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