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The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union represents over 100 000 workers in all areas of manufacturing, including:

  • food and confectionery;
  • metal and engineering;
  • printing and packaging;
  • technical, supervisory and administrative areas; and
  • vehicle building.

If you work in manufacturing, we can help protect your rights at work

The AMWU aims to ensure our members receive the pay, conditions, safety and respect they deserve at work.

We also offer a range of services and benefits for members, including free legal representation, fee-free superannuation, discount holiday accomodation, discounts on cars, and much more.

We work together to protect manufacturing workers

The AMWU works to protect and advance our members' interests at a local, national and global level.

The AMWU's 6000 workplace delegates are an important part of the union and are supported by our education programs and our team of over 130 professional organisers.

The AMWU's industry divisions give us the strength to bargain with large employers and represent workers' interests across our industries, including internationally.

The state and national offices of the union ensure manufacturing workers' interests are professionally represented to governments, the media and with other unions as part of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

In our 150 year history, the AMWU has been part of many significant improvements to the lives of working people, including the 8-hour day, paid maternity leave, rights for apprentices, family-friendly conditions, superannuation, and many more.

If you would like to start enjoying the benefits of AMWU membership you can join through this website, or call our HelpDesk on 1300 732 698 and speak to one of our HelpDesk team about how the AMWU can help you.

Rules of the Union
The AMWU and its members are governed by rules set down by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, which are available here:

PDF Version

Word Version

                 The AMWU - experts at protecting your rights at work.


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