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Events & Training

Events & Training

Upcoming union events, rallies, and training are listed here.

AMWU OHS Training

The AMWU runs WorkSafe Approved Health and Safety Representatives Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses.

The AMWU OHS Training Unit is one of the most experienced training providers in Victoria. We have delivered OHS training to thousands of Health & Safety Reps, helping keep workers safe at their workplaces around Victoria.

We deliver high quality WorkSafe Approved training that is practical and solution-focused at locations across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Enrol today by emailing; calling 9230 5700; or registering here.

HSR Initial OHS Training Course

5 day course

Initial OHS training for HSRs and Deputy HSRs.

Upcoming training dates:

Location:                       Dates:

La Trobe Valley         August 30, 31, September 1  (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

                                   September  14, 15   (Wed, Thurs)

Melbourne                September 7, 8,  9 (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

                                   September  22, 23 (Thurs, Fri)

Bendigo                    September  13, 14, 15 (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

                                   September 20, 21 (Tues, Wed)

Geelong                    November  2, 3, 4 (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

                                   November  16, 17 (Wed, Thurs)

Melbourne                November  9, 10, 11 (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

                                   November  24, 25 (Thurs, Fri)

(Dates are subject to change. Confirm dates with OHS Unit before booking)  

Cost: $850.00 per person (paid by employer). Bookings required.

To book, please email:; call 9230 5700; or register here.

HSR Refresher OHS Training Course

One day refresher courses for HSRs and Deputy HSRs who have already completed the Initial training. HSRs and Deputy HSRs are entitled to yearly refresher training.

Upcoming training dates - 2016:

Dates:                                    Location:

AUGUST,  Wednesday 31        Dandenong

SEPTEMBER,  Friday 2            Caroline Springs

SEPTEMBER,  Monday 5          Melbourne

SEPTEMBER,  Wednesday 28   Ringwood

OCTOBER,  TBC                     HSR Conference

NOVEMBER,  Tuesday 8          Echuca

NOVEMBER,  Wednesday 9     Shepparton

NOVEMBER,  Thursday 10      Wodonga

NOVEMBER,  Tuesday 15       Geelong

NOVEMBER,  Wednesday 16   Altona

NOVEMBER,  Thursday 17     Mill Park

NOVEMBER,  Tuesday  22     Melbourne

NOVEMBER,  Wednesday 23  Ballarat

NOVEMBER,  Monday 28       Dandenong

NOVEMBER, Tuesday 29       Bendigo

(Dates are subject to change. Confirm dates with OHS Unit before booking)

Cost: $320.00 per person. Bookings required.

To book, please email:; call 9230 5700; or register here.

*Please note: training times and locations may change, and places are limited.

Please contact AMWU OHS Unit to confirm details of all training courses. 

Remember: All elected health and safety representatives (HSRs) are entitled to undertake WorkSafe Victoria approved occupational health and safety (OHS) training.

HSRs must give 14 days' notice to their employer of their intention to attend an Initial or a Refresher course under the Victorian OHS Act.

Under the OHS Act 2004 (section 67) all elected HSRs and deputy HSRs are entitled to undertake WorkSafe Victoria approved OHS training for HSRs and choose their training provider in consultation with their employer. AMWU is approved to deliver the HSR Initial and Refresher OHS Training Course.

Under section 67 of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 an employer, if requested, must allow an elected HSR and elected deputy HSR to attend a WorkSafe approved HSR Initial OHS Training on paid time, pay the cost of the course and any other associated costs. Section 67 also allows HSRs to choose the approved training course they attend in consultation with their employer.

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