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Build them here

Build them here

Tell the NSW Government to build our trains, buses, and ferries in NSW. 

Save local manufacturing jobs!

The Baird Liberal Government has plans to build 500 new train carriages and six new ferries by 2024. That's over $3 billion worth of infrastructure.

If these contracts are awarded to local manufacturers in Western Sydney and the Hunter, they will create around 1200 direct jobs and boost the struggling regional economies.

We know that in these areas unemployment figures are as high as 10%.

But despite this, the Government is looking to send the much-needed contracts interstate and overseas, robbing 1200 people of jobs in areas that already desperately need employment.

We need these jobs to stay local. We need to build the trains and ferries here.

How can you help?

Sign up to our campaign.

If you want to help save local manufacturing jobs, you can get involved here and like the campaign on Facebook here


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Build them here

Tell the NSW Government to build our trains, buses, and ferries in NSW. 

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