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Shipbuilders and supporters crowd fund Adelaide billboard

It’s a simple message that is resonating with the community: “SUBS=JOBS, BUILD THEM ALL HERE.” And it’s a message that thousands of people will see on billboards in Adelaide during November, including one in Rundle Mall in the heart of the city.

The Federal Government is in the process of finalising their defence white paper which will include the Future Submarine Project. The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) wants to remind the Turnbull Government, Liberal politicians and voters that there is only one logical decision: “BUILD THEM ALL HERE.”


“Twelve submarines is the number defence experts concluded was the best way to defend Australia and that’s what the Coalition promised to build in Adelaide at the last election,” said AMWU Assistant national Secretary Glenn Thompson.


“A local build is the only way to guarantee the viability of our shipbuilding industry and it makes sense to invest in the Australian economy and local jobs rather than a hybrid or foreign build,” Mr Thompson said.


The billboards are also timed to coincide with mounting speculation that the Government is considering a hybrid build option, with some of the submarines being built overseas.


“A hybrid option just doesn’t cut it,” said Mr Thompson.


“Twelve submarines, locally built here in Adelaide was promised. The community will not settle for anything less,” he said.


The money for one of the billboards was raised exclusively through a crowd funding campaign run by the AMWU delegates at the ASC shipyard. The campaign asked members and supporters to donate towards the cost of a billboard, and the community responded. In 2 weeks, the union raised nearly $6000 using online donations. On average, supporters contributed $40 each, with one generous members making a donation of $500.


“That kind of support shows just how passionate people are about making sure the future submarines are built here in Australia, at ASC in Adelaide,” Mr Thompson said.


“This is an innovative method of funding and with the Prime Minister traveling Australia promoting “innovation” as the nation’s new catch-word, we want him to show innovation and good sense by building the subs in Adelaide,” he said.


“To do otherwise would be bad for our national security, bad for the South Australian economy, and show that Malcolm Turnbull is no better than his predecessor, Tony Abbott.”


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