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Member Benefits

The AMWU - the Auto Techs' Organisation - is innovative, ambitious and most importantly, we win!

Skilled. Respected. Professional. 

In addition to professional advice to help you at work and with your career, we provide a range of other direct benefits and services to our members, including:

  • Access to legal advice
  • Journey Accident Insurance – insurance coverage whilst travelling to and from work
  • An Emergency Transport Benefit (Ambulance Cover)*
  • A confidential counselling and support line for you and your family
  • Training and Recognition of existing skills 

* Not valid in Tasmania and Queensland, due to state regulation.

The Auto Techs' Organisation is a strong, smart and strategic professional organisation. We're focused on ensuring all Auto Technicians are respected for their skills and professionalism. 


Top 5 Reasons to Join:

1. Better conditions throughout your career 

Members enjoy better and more secure pay and conditions than non-members. You have access to trained professionals - including lawyers - for advice and support. 

2. Safer Workplaces

We can help you to make sure your workplace is safe and injury-free, and that you have access to clean and properly maintained facilities like bathrooms and break rooms. 

3. Get Respect. 

Our organisation's goal is to make sure that all auto techs are respected for the skilled job they do. We aim to lift the value of the profession in the eyes of employers and the public. 

4. Support throughout your career, no matter your workplace 

You’ll never have to stand alone when you’re in a union – you always get back up and support when you ask for it. - your membership goes with you no matter your workplace, no matter your role. You can get a promotion or change of role and still be covered. 

5. Benefits at work and home

Being a member affords you a range of benefits both at work and home - it adds up! 

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